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Fairworld Properties Limited has over thirty-five (35) years combined valuation experience in Zambia. Accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every property investment.


Real Estate Facilities Management

At Fairworld, we understand that managing a real estate property can be a complex and challenging task. That's why we offer comprehensive facilities management services to help you maintain and operate your property with ease.


Property Investment Advisory

Property investment involves huge capital outlays and any losses or wrong decisions may cost more than just the time and money. Fairworld helps you navigate your investment journey.


Construction Management

Our property development services are designed to be flexible. After identifying your vision, we tailor our property development services to best suit your needs.


Real Estate Investment Consulting

Real Estate Investment Consulting is a service offered by Fairworld to help clients looking to invest in real estate make informed decisions and maximize their returns


Estate Agency

Our approach is strategic rather than merely transactional, therein we assess a client's products portfolio and requirements so that they get COMPLETE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS.


Full property management service

Fairworld’s management service is ideal for both experienced landlords and those just starting out.


Fixed Assets Consulting & Management

Our fixed assets evaluation services involve assessment of clients’ fixed asset management workflow, systems, policies and procedures to recommend best practice solution.


Green Real Estate Services

Fairworld green services met to guide your real estate portfolio to a net-zero carbon future.



Take your real estate knowledge to another level. Fairworld believes that training and knowledge sharing is key for a vibrant Real Estate Market.



Real Estate technology is transforming the way Real Estate transactions are done.

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