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Real Estate technology is transforming the way Real Estate transactions are done. There are different types of emerging technology aimed at making sourcing deals, raising finances, processing transactions, managing properties, and delivering customer service exponentially easier and more effective. Fairworld provides research and consulting for clients to select, customize or design  software that is efficient and cost effective, this includes;
    - Proptech, or property technology, is all the tech tools Real Estate experts use to optimize the way people buy, sell, research, market, and manage a property. 
    - Real Estate Fintech - Real Estate FinTech creates an effective way for real estate investors to cut out redundant intermediaries in real estate transactions. The benefits of fintech include helping to reduce costs, reducing friction, and increasing investment opportunities throughout the property evaluation and purchase process.
    - Real Estate & Artificial Intelligence - Real Estate companies globally are increasingly using AI to automate their wider back-office functions with little or no human intervention. AI can deliver fresh data insights into your business quickly and efficiently.
    - Fairworld ideathon - Our Ideathon is aimed at gathering bright minds that come up with ideas that make real estate transactions easier, effective and climate tech for real estate reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It is a competitive event with a fixed time limit where participants team up with industry peers to develop Real Estate technology and climate tech for real estate through exciting stages of innovation and ideation, using our Design Thinking methodology. Apply for our next Fairworld Ideathon.

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