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Accept it, you have to be pondering investing in property. Everyone has an inner desire to have freedom, choice, more time and financial stability. Property investment will enable you to achieve all this.

A lot of people get overwhelmed by the process and some quit before they even begin. But it doesn’t have to confound. Reality is, property investing is relatively straightforward.

“Property and You: 5 Steps to Develop the property investor in you”, written by Chisebwe Fumbeshi of Fairworld Properties Limited in Zambia gives out the steps for success in property investment. The Book is for everyone thinking of property investment or already investing. It’s written in an informal style and is an easy, yet engaging read. Mindset and taking positive action are stand-out themes of this book.

Property and You is structured into 5 steps with each step having 4-5 chapters, Step 1 focuses on developing your property knowledge followed by Step 2 which looks at the right attitude towards property investment. The property industry has alot of players, thus, Step 3 draws your attention to developing a network support of experts, while Step 4 brings out aspects of having a clear understanding of your property investment goals. Lastly, Step 5 focuses on developing a SMART Action plan.

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Who is it for?

It’s for you…

  1. haven’t started investing in property,
  2. have a little of knowledge, skills and a few properties,
  3. are thinking of starting a property-based company,
  4. are having problems with your property investment,

“With the right attitude and tools you can get started and become a property investor.Property & You is your Answer.”



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